Friday, 9 July 2010

First week of July

We've actually had some rain in the past week, one day it was quite heavy showers & another day of drizzle the ground is still very dry under the plants though. We've been picking broad beans, peas, lettuce & Pak choi virtually every day.
There are Pattypan, Courgette, Marrow & Pumpkin flowers everywhere but none on the Butternut squashes yet.
The sweetcorn plants are doing really well.
The red cabbage & Chard are coming along nicely too.
The Peppers have a lot of greenery & I can see buds of flowers on them.
The tomato plants have gone haywire & have plenty of fruits forming.

We dug a few of the potatoes - Desiree.
One days harvest showing Turnips,Rhubarb, peas, lettuce, purple radish, Broad Beans,Pak choi and the first cucumber, only a small one but
there are plenty more nearly ready!

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  1. Your plants look so healthy, and you have a good variety of veg growing there. Isn't it brilliants to pull it all up fresh knowing it hasn't travelling miles and has no chemicals on it, I love the good life !!!