Wednesday, 21 July 2010

And then we had rain!

After weeks and weeks of sunshine we've finally had some decent rain one of the sunflowers open yesterday, I'm amazed that none of them went over in the gales unlike the sweetcorn.
Which luckily we were able to upright & fingers crossed no harm done, in fact a couple of days later we saw the corn had started to grow.

The sunburst pattypans are doing well haven't picked any yet but it won't be long now.

The marrows are also lapping up all the rainwater.

The outdoor Italian bush tomatoes are starting to fruit too.
Flowers are starting to come on the Aubergines, this year I have them in a little plastic greenhouse as I didn't get to pick any aubergines last year when they were outside.
Pumpkins are also prolific.

We've harvested some of the potatoes. L normally won't eat potatoes but as she helped with these she actually ate them & asked for more.
We've now picked 21 courgettes so as well as having them in meals I've made courgette & oregano scones, chocolate courgette cake, courgette clafoutis & chutney. I also swapped a couple for some blackcurrants.
Only a few gooseberries but enough to make a pie and some Loganberries

A bumper day on Sunday - turnips, baby carrots (needed thinning), some shallots, French beans, courgettes, Pak choi,rhubarb & Lavender. The only thing I bought for our roast was the meat & the breadcrumbs for the stuffing.
And finally I made some preserves Blackcurrant jam, Rhubarb & ginger jam, Courgette chutney.
I'm hoping that the sunburst pattypans will be ready this weekend I found a nice looking recipe so can't wait to try it out. Have to make another chocolate courgette cake too, requested by elder daughter who doesn't eat courgettes but managed to eat most of the other cake!


  1. Oh, if only there were enough hours in the day to enable me to grow my own veg! I used to and really miss it, but the kids are grown now and unbelievably life has got even more hectic. Your veg look terrific!

  2. WOW ! your veg looks amazing. Thanks for following my blog by the way. I love rhubarb and ginger jam but haven't tried making any yet, have you posted a recipe anywhere ?
    I will be back to see what you are up to, it's a very interesting blog.
    M x