Saturday, 26 June 2010

This week.

Everything is growing quickly now, it's getting very hot in the greenhouse/shed so we're now leaving the door open. The plants are still wilting by the end of the day though!
Very excited to see the first cucumber flowers even more excited when I saw the cucumber above.

The indoor tomatoes are flowering.
Lots of grasshoppers around, this one was amongst the broccoli.
Cabbage, Sprout & Cauliflower plants waiting to be planted.
Peppers & Chillies.
Potatoes flowering.
Beetroots & Shallots
Carrots & salad
Pak Choi.
Gooseberries these are at home & the leaves have been completely stripped by caterpillars.
Rainbow chard.
Purple top Milan turnips.

We're picking lettuce & strawberries everyday.
Pak choi.
Rhubarb & peas.


  1. Wow your veggies are alot further on than mine. Im getting veg envy xx

  2. The garden is doing well. I have been so enjoying mine this year - my first year in the UK successfully growing veges. I did try a number of years ago and failed drastically.