Friday, 14 August 2009

Week 12

Well week 12 is here, we should be harvesting loads by now but the weather is really not helping, first it was really dry then it was rain, rain and more rain, subsequently I have had to pull up 24 rotted tomato plants this week, not happy! Plenty of weeds around though.

Bees and insects too.

Lots of flowers on courgettes, marrow, squash, gherkins, runner beans, peas and strawberries.

The sweetcorn are coming along too.

Look out there's a pea thief about!

We picked this little lot on Tuesday. I said to Lily that I was going to pull up some turnips, so she stood behind me put her arms round my waist and said pull, pull, very funny. She loves 'The Enormous Turnip story.

My first picking of peas,
runner beans

and the 'enormous' turnips.

And a marrow that I stuffed and cooked last night, surprisingly they ate it and declared that it tasted lovely.

Oh and I mustn't forget Lily's first strawberry.

Monday, 3 August 2009