Thursday, 2 July 2009

Things are starting to improve this week.

We used a strimmer and cut all the paths at last.

I've planted lots of swede, turnips, brocolli, cabbage, cauli, sprouts, carrots and parsnips, hence the white fleece everywhere, it's very fine so the water can still seep through and the plants seem to be growing well underneath.

Lily was delighted to find a flower on her strawberry plant at last.

Although the 16 tomato plants look rather sparse as far as greenery is concerned there are now quite a few little tomatoes growing.

Broad beans are still flowering although the first planting have been attacked by greenfly & blackfly. I found an organic spray, which is safe for use near children and you can eat the veg on the same day as spraying, but have now noticed some ladybirds so hopefully nature will sort things out!

Sweetcorn is doing well so I'll be able to remove the net soon, I've found out it's Jackdaws that pulled up my seedlings, so now I net everything.

Runner beans are starting to romp away at last, couple of flowers starting too and we've had rain today so that should do them alot of good.

Peas are looking well, I was concerned about a couple of mice holes in the ground but no damage yet.

These are some of the neighbours chicks, we are hoping to get some soon probably not from this bunch but similar.

Can you spot the lacewing?

Love the colour of these thistles.

I don't know what these are, they are growing all along the hedge and smell gorgeous.

Yesterday I finally managed to pick something, yay!

These are the books I've been using, as I don't tend to watch gardening programmes I don't really know who gives the best advice. I bought Carol's book last year and it's very easy to follow, I've bought the 'Cook your own veg' one now and it has some nice recipes in there.

Had to get these two as well of course, getting plenty of tips.


  1. Looking great!!! I love Carols book, I brought cook your own but I haven't tried anything yet.
    I had my first raddishes weeks ago but the 2nd batch hasn't done anything. :(

  2. Hi!
    Congratulations! You've done a hard work, but you'll be rewarded soon!
    Your radish looks great!
    Greetings from an Italian garden!