Thursday, 16 July 2009

A bit of colour and the wormery.

We've had quite a lot of rain this week and it's very warm too so everything is having a growth spurt. Lots of flowers on the plants too so hopefully after a bit of sunshine and if Mr bee comes across there may be something to eat! We've put out some slug pubs and tested lager then bitter to no avail so now have real ale in there.

Lots of insects around, don't know if these are good guys or bad.

I have managed to pick some sweet peas.

Pretty runner bean flowers.

A crystal lemon cucumber apparently a favourite of Victorian times.

A sweet pepper.

My first lot of Desiree potatoes, there's hopefully a lot more but I only dug what I needed.

I've bought a wormery with 1000 composting worms, which will hopefully give us not only lovely compost but some rich fertiliser too.

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