Thursday, 21 May 2009

Seeds growing everywhere!

I've broken my camera but couldn't do a post without pics so these are from my garden last week. I'd already planted potatoes and shallots in the garden before we got the field htis was a week ago and now they are twice that size.

You can just see the shoots of one of the shallots here next to my Jerusalem Artichokes, these have spread from one left in the ground last year.

Down in the field we have put up a fence of 1'' chicken wire to, hopefully, keep the rabbits out. I've planted my rainbow chard, garlic and broad beans and sowed lettuce, radish, rocket and chive seeds. At the weekend I'll be planting the courgettes, squash, marrow and tomatoes as I've hardened them off at home the last few days. I'll also be putting up the bean row but I won't put the beans in until June, they're about 6 inches high now so should be just right by then. Today I've potted on my sweetcorn, brocolli, cabbage and sprouts, there was rather a lot of them! All the other seeds, apart from the peas, are coming along nicely and my house resembles a garden centre! I'm hoping to get a new camera at the weekend so I can take some more pics especially as there's a beautiful pheasant who comes fairly close by and watches us.
Another photo from my garden, gorgeous gooseberries, not ripe enough yet though.

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  1. well done you,what a lovely achievement. xx t
    p.s, cant wait for a piece of gooseberrie pie