Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Here we go again!

We've started getting the allotment ready for this year by digging in lots & lots of bags of horse manure and some of sand. We're also widening the beds by about 2ft as we realised we didn't need so much path. Some hens have been moved alongside our patch, which is very relaxing listening to them as you work.
We've put in a raised bed, which L painted, not bad for a 3 yr old! In here I planted carrots & parsnips with 5 types of lettuce & rocket in between the rows.
The potatoes will go in here, hopefully at the weekend.

The peas and broad beans are now in situ. I have to grow them at home because of mice but find that they don't touch them once they are seedlings, I do put plenty of bramble branches all around for added measure. We also have to scatter windmills and anything else that flaps in the wind about as there is a resident pheasant who will pull all of the young plants out.
Other than that I've planted beetroot, shallots and another 16 strawberry plants, the red onions are coming along nicely and both of the rhubarb plants are growing as this is the second year for them we'll be able to eat it, yum! At home I've been busy planting all the seeds about 30 varieties so there are seed trays everywhere. When we made the shed last year we used very thick clear corrugated plastic for the top half and roof so this year I'm going to put some cucumber, tomato and chilli plants in there and see what happens.

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