Tuesday, 23 August 2011




First tomato turning red.

We grow quite a few flowers to encourage beas & to for cutting : Sweet peas, Gladioli, Nasturtium, Sweet Williams, Heartsease & Lavender.

The long grass you can see in the photos is on the outside of our rabbit fence, we keep it long as apparently rabbits prefer short grass, they don't like to get wet tummies! Being a field we see a lot of rabbits but they do keep away from our veg plot so it's obviously working.



Tomatilloes in the polytunnel.

Aubergines at long last in the polytunnel. We've been trying to grow these for 3 years & have had flowers, which eventually just fell off.

Habanero chilli

Jalapeno chilli


Last year the Cayennes were so successful that we thought we try some other chillies this year & opted for Jalapeno & Habanero.

Sweet Pepper

Main crop