Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Still here!

We're still here beavering away, so much to do I haven't updated for 6 weeks or so. Her's a quick update of the past few weeks.

I was delighted to find baby cauliflowers this week, they are tiny probably not much bigger than a golf ball.

Amazingly these peppers are just growing now, I think it's because of the lovely sunshine that we have had for the past few weeks.

We also have a couple of squash, I'm hoping that they'll continue to grow.

and more marrows, luckily my family are loving stuffed marrow:)
Lily had another sunflower, a bit bigger this time.

I've also done a lot of weeding

and found some creepy crawlies, this one was on an aubergine plant, it's a flower crab spider, which changes colour to blend in with the background. I assume this one had just come off the gherkin flowers.

Butterflies that left some
not so welcome visitors
We've harvested quite a few things lots of sweet peas.

yummy sweetcorn

There's still plenty growing turnips, swedes, carrots, parsnips, beetroot, leeks, cabbage, cauliflowers, sprouts, broccolli, chard, pak choi, kale, courgettes and squash. I've planted potatoes that should be ready for Christmas and I have red onions and garlic to go in this week.