Thursday, 25 June 2009

A bit of rain please.

Rainbow chard

Oh, it's hard work! I'm sure next year will be alot easier because we will have an earlier start. As we were a few months behind with the planting everything is taking so long to grow and we have to constantly take water down there, it's very exposed and the soil is drying out quickly.


Luckily the rabbit fence has worked but I have noticed mouse holes, no damage as yet! The pheasant took a liking to my sweetcorn seedlings and pulled them up but I managed to save most of them and placed upturned/bottomless plant pots & netting over them. This did the trick as they are doing well now.


Runner beans

Broad beans

Courgettes (can you see them?)
I think what worries me is the difference between the plants in the allotment and the ones in my garden. In the garden it's all green and lush, which is where I normally grow runner beans so I hope I get as many this year!


Jerusalem Artichokes

I know I shouldn't say it but I hope we'll get some rain tomorrow and then some more sunshine for the weekend, of course.