Saturday, 26 June 2010

This week.

Everything is growing quickly now, it's getting very hot in the greenhouse/shed so we're now leaving the door open. The plants are still wilting by the end of the day though!
Very excited to see the first cucumber flowers even more excited when I saw the cucumber above.

The indoor tomatoes are flowering.
Lots of grasshoppers around, this one was amongst the broccoli.
Cabbage, Sprout & Cauliflower plants waiting to be planted.
Peppers & Chillies.
Potatoes flowering.
Beetroots & Shallots
Carrots & salad
Pak Choi.
Gooseberries these are at home & the leaves have been completely stripped by caterpillars.
Rainbow chard.
Purple top Milan turnips.

We're picking lettuce & strawberries everyday.
Pak choi.
Rhubarb & peas.

Friday, 4 June 2010

End of May

The allotment is loving this sunshine although it is taking a lot of watering at the moment.
Peas and Broad beans 2 weeks ago
Now have flowers and skinny pea pods.

Sweetcorn was planted, this year I've planted in 2 rows rather than blocks the netting is just in place for the time being because of the pheasant.
2 weeks later & it's growing well next to the Butternut squash & the runner beans.
I continued to earth up the spuds until the 3rd week of May then realised that I would have 3 mountains in the field if I carried on!

The Courgettes, Marrows, Pumpkins, Butternut and Pattypan squashes were planted.
Courgettes now have plenty of buds on them.
Ruby Chard and red cabbage.
And again a week later.
Salad, carrots and parsnips in the raised bed.
Has certainly sprung into life.
And in the shed/greenhouse Basil,
One of many Chilli plants, I have peppers as well but can't find the photo.
Cucumbers, it's the first time that I've grown cucumbers from seed so I'm chuffed with these so far. I have 6 in large pots.
I have 9 Tomato and 5 cherry tomato plants inside and the surplus are all outside.
L has also picked and eaten quite a few radishes from her little patch!